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Tému 12. septembra 2011, 21:45 založil Boris_I..

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Boris_I. muž
   12. 9. 2011, 21:45 avatar
Co si myslite o spojenych statoch europskych? Je dobre politickou silou tlacit ludi do jednej ohrady?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YID08KNln0s Tento odkaz smeruje mimo DF.sk

Bude svet o nedlho vypadat takto?
www.illuminatirex.com Tento odkaz smeruje mimo DF.sk

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   13. 9. 2011, 10:09 avatar
Plan For ‘European Economic Government’ Was Brainchild Of Nazis

Economic Terrorists Seek ‘United States of Europe’

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

European globalists are committing another act of economic terrorism by exploiting the euro debt crisis in a bid to create a “United States of Europe,” with European Council president Herman van Rompuy announcing he is ready to spearhead the group, a move that frighteningly parallels plans by top Nazis, may of whom went on to found the EU, and their mission to build a continent-wide economic government.

EU leaders are fearmongering over the consequences of member states abandoning the single currency, warning that a euro collapse would lead to martial law and even civil war.

Their “solution” is to hand themselves even more power to create a common economic policy that all member states would be forced to follow at the expense of their national sovereignty, a de facto financial government for the whole of Europe.

“European Council president Herman van Rompuy said yesterday that he was ready to run for a second term as European Union president, to lead a “United States of Europe,” reports the Irish Independent.

“Mr Van Rompuy has announced he is willing to take on the “unfinished” eurozone debt crisis with new powers setting an “economic government” in Brussels.”

Simultaneously, British Prime Minister David Cameron last night said that Britain “must let eurozone countries move towards a United States of Europe with a common economic policy,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The Prime Minister admitted he was not sure whether Germany and other countries had the political will to prevent a break-up of the single currency, but insisted they must be allowed to try – even if that meant closer integration.”

The move to exploit the debt crisis in order to completely eviscerate the economic sovereignty of every EU member by forming a central economic planning committee, a United States of Europe, to which all countries are beholden, is not merely an act of economic terrorism, it’s a chilling throwback to identical proposals that were the brainchild of top Nazis.

Plans to create a federal European economic government in the name of mandating fiscal responsibility and avoiding a repeat of the turmoil in Greece chillingly mirror blueprints concocted in the 1940’s as a means of preserving fascist power at the end of world war two by men who were responsible for founding the EU in the first place.

As we have exhaustively documented, the European Common Market, the precursor to the European Union, was a brainchild of top Nazis in the 1940’s who wanted to preserve fascist power in the event of defeat in world war two.

US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, also known as The Red House Report, details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 and, knowing Germany was on the brink of military defeat, conspired to create a Fourth Reich – a pan-European economic empire based around a European common market, precisely what the new Economic government proposal backed by the likes of Cameron and van Rompuy calls for.

Wealthy Nazi industrialists like Alfried Krupp of Krupp Industries and Friedrich Flick, as well as front companies like BMW, Siemens and Volkswagen, set about the task of building a new pan-European business empire. According to historian Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, an adviser to Jewish former slave laborers, “For many leading industrial figures close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a cover for pursuing German national interests after the defeat of Hitler….The continuity of the economy of Germany and the economies of post-war Europe is striking. Some of the leading figures in the Nazi economy became leading builders of the European Union.”

A d v e r t i s e m e n t
The foundations for the EU and ultimately the Euro single currency were laid by the secretive Bilderberg Group in the mid-1950’s. Bilderberg’s own leaked documents prove that the agenda to create a European common market and a single currency were formulated by Bilderberg in 1955. One of the group’s principle founders was H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a former Nazi SS officer.

But the ideological framework for the European Union goes back even further, to the 1940’s when top Nazi economists and academics outlined the plan for a single European economic community, an agenda that was duly followed after the end of the second world war.

In his 1940 book The European Community, Nazi Economics Minister and war criminal Walther Funk wrote about the need to create a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area” and for fixed exchange rates, stating “No nation in Europe can achieve on its own the highest level of economic freedom which is compatible with all social requirements…The formation of very large economic areas follows a natural law of development….interstate agreements in Europe will control [economic forces generally]…There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the EC].”

How different is Funk’s call for governments to subordinate their economic interests to those of Europe compared with Jose Manuel Barroso’s insistence that EU member states should be forced to “institute structural reforms under pain of financial sanctions”? The similarity is frightening.

Funk’s co-authors echoed his sentiments. Nazi academic Heinrich Hunke wrote, “Classic national economy..is dead…community of fate which is the European economy…fate and extent of European co-operation depends on a new unity economic plan”.

A “new unity economic plan,” this is precisely what Cameron and Van Rompuy are proposing – centralized financial control over the economies of Europe ruled by Brussels.

Fellow Nazi Gustav Koenig observed, “We have a real European Community task before us…I am convinced that this Community effort will last beyond the end of the war.”

In 1940, Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered the creation of the “large-scale economic unification of Europe,” believing that “in fifty years’ time [people would] no longer think in terms of countries.” Just 53 years later, the European Union in its current form was established.

So you have one of Hitler’s most loyal Nazi allies calling for “Economic unification of Europe,” and now former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer is demanding the establishment of “a financial oversight body with the teeth to assert control over the finances of member states.”

Even on the face of it, the fact that the EU, which began as a free trade area, is now seeking to have its unelected members directly control national economies, is completely dictatorial, authoritarian, and represents the anti-thesis of any notion of democracy or representation of the people of Europe. Add the fact that the exact same agenda was pursued by one of the most notoriously criminal and barbaric regimes in history and surely alarm bells should be ringing?

Other top Nazis who called for the creation of a pan-European federal economic superstate include Ribbentrop, Quisling and Seyss-Inquart, who spoke of “The new Europe of solidarity and co-operation among all its people… will find…rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic boundaries are removed.”

Most of the individuals who hold the reigns of power in the European Union are not Nazis, indeed, they probably believe themselves to be fair-minded liberals working for the “greater good”. However, the European Union by its very nature is totalitarian, because it seeks to remove power from national governments accountable to their electorate and centralize it into the hands of supra-national entities that are accountable to nobody but themselves. It also seeks to remove the right of free speech for anyone in a position of influence who criticizes this agenda.

The fact that the EU was a brainchild of top Nazi economists and industrialists, formulated as a means of preserving dictatorial power and then implemented by former Nazi working under the auspices of the Bilderberg Group in 1955, proves that the entire European Union system is poisoned with a legacy and a raison d’?tre of totalitarianism.

The additional knowledge that the European Union is now pursuing identical economic policies to those voiced by top Nazis, several of whom went on to found the EU in its embryonic stages, is a chilling reminder of how fundamentally anti-democratic and fascist the EU is becoming as it swallows up more power from member states and appoints itself as the supreme dictator of an entire continent.

The European Union will fight tooth and nail to protect the single currency from collapsing because, as top Bilderberger and Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff made clear in a recent Financial Times piece, the future plan for a globalized currency system is wholly dependent on the survival of the Euro, which would almost certainly be destroyed if the Greeks or any other member state were to default and ditch the single currency.

“The euro experiment has also brought us to a crossroads in the whole international monetary system,” wrote Rogoff. “Will our grandchildren inherit a world with a huge number of national currencies, or a very small number of multi-country currencies?”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

www.infowars.com Tento odkaz smeruje mimo DF.sk

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starec muž
   13. 9. 2011, 16:01 avatar
Za peniaze Slovákov sa budovala Viedeň,potom Praha,teraz idú do zahraničia a Bratislavy.V budúcnosti pôjdu do Bruselu.Slováci ostanú chudobní stále,aj keď budú súčasťou veľkého celku,ako to bolo aj minulosti,lebo sú malý národ a každý ich oberá o čo sa dá.
Súhlasí luke85

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Ranexill muž
   13. 9. 2011, 16:05 avatar
Toto bude tak neprehlůadna vec, ze dosah na tych hore nebude mat nikto. Budu si schvalovat penazi kolko budu chciet a stavat si co len budu chciet. Dobre si to vymyslela slachta dneska.
Súhlasí luke85
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