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Little bit mad, quite cheeky as well! but not cunt!

Tému 9. januára 2012, 06:41 založil jungold.

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   9. 1. 2012, 06:41 avatar
i understand, that is difficult to provide a personaly aimed dialogue at public site. especially when audience is bored up as hell )
so i decide to talk with you in english language.
goal is to make it less ease for those persons whom bothering us because of the thoughts which are influenced by a weaker ability to handle imagination wisely.

is that alright for you?

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Ónya žena
   9. 1. 2012, 08:46 avatar
o čo to je?

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   9. 1. 2012, 09:47 avatar
What would you like to talk about?
Súhlasí Sóley

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   9. 1. 2012, 23:41 avatar
about your inperfect commentary...
you can ask only one question per time.
and each means a different thing. for this situation fit a first one. (WHAT YOU LIKE TO TALK ABOUT?)
improving enlish will grow up yours lifes. at least its not a wating time.
practically approved with my own experience.
personally confirmed up with all the others i've met.
and each of them can prove testify its truth just like me.
so easily as 1+1 is 2

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   10. 1. 2012, 00:21 avatar
Junge: be so kind and teach me english. I want to learn thanks for your comments

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Sóley žena
   9. 1. 2012, 17:17 avatar
no...my english is not anythink i want to present in public ... i have not been using it actively almost for last six years..but i have no problem if you write in english i can respond you in "enigma code"...so it guarantees that nobody will understand us...do you agree ?
Súhlasí feex8

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Sóley žena
   9. 1. 2012, 17:20 avatar
correction: anything :/

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   9. 1. 2012, 23:18 avatar
i agree with that enigma have potential create solid privacy... lol
but i don't speak NAVAJO so you can teach me or...

c'mon ! it's just one topic. nobody gonna get hurt
i will explain to you all the reasons so please read carefully to get a point

i have no plan to share secrets. i just doing something to improve english for several people who deserve it. example is you
enigma is not nesesary, i want them to understand. i don't care. this should not be a topic that nobody could understand.
the thing what i care is that they can not attack our coments with the same firepower as in slovakian language.
they are now basically harmless.. nobody gonna get hurt. your english i s intermediate don't be shamed. it will be better every time that you get here

one answer.

wueeey, the intruder's issue is solved
so finally our discussion can have for the first time smooth running.
without intruders who trying to devastate every value of our dialogues.
without pretenders and theirs fake arguments. without disapointed voices behind trying to dissapoint everyone else.
because it sounds good but they don't understant and they are pissed off that is no chance to join, so they get jealous and that freaking me out.
i'm understant that they need to be realized. it's addiction any way. even a not a fatal one it's dangerous.
they were attaking me in any bloom of doubt, any type mistake or incorect word. that was make them feel strong. so i'm doing mistakes now for a

purpose. before i have patience. but is useles here. they will doing all against me and wish me to fail while i'm tried to explain it succesfuly...
and instead learn something they choose to vanish me out. and i was gone.
i don't hate them. i'm just very sorry for them. so from time to time i'm trying to demotivate this fellas, to get out from computer on the fresh air.
because is a long therm process but they surely and slovely
i got really enough experiences from the past. the everytime when we was finally getting somewhere to end. to deep of wisdom and came moment

of connected minds what we share.... always suddenly somebody were came and ruined it all.
after several tries i did give up on this site. because it was just a waste of time.
and this is really big chance to avoid this. and have at least one succefull talk with someone who worth it...
and i'm quite nicely suprised over the way how you are using your knownledge. how you speak with people , without anger or hate. with patience,

nice things have you been wrote whe you were trying to explain a pedophilia.
brave heart - the sign of good person - surrounded with barbarians in highest tower. prisoned or not... this is territory with enemies who prefer to be

like enemy of before even try to get a friend. we should be friends. i'm on you

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   9. 1. 2012, 23:24 avatar
it should be 'i'm on your side'
and i already see some little errors, but they are not significant so please accept an apollogy for this.
see you next time bye

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 00:33

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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   10. 1. 2012, 01:08 avatar
c'mon guys. the first mistake what is actually regular in common is that EVERYONE UNDERESTIMATE HIMSELF. your english is much much better than you can even know. you just have to spend couple of months in english territory and the result will appear
Súhlasí feex8

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 01:14

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 01:15

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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   10. 1. 2012, 03:33 avatar
a hlavne ked doplaves k brehu zistis, ze mas kluc do ineho sveta.
novych moznosti...
mojim cielom je hudobna produkcia, takze nejak extremne sa karierou v praci nezaoberam.
uz len skola, diploma a papa tata dada
velka zmena
neviem si presdstavit co robit doma na SVK.
lebo uz som tam vsetko robil, ale nebola tam ziadna motivacia. iba tik-tak tik-tak cas utekal...
ak odidem z londyna tak to bude urcite anglicky hovoriaca krajina, ale je aj moznost ze ostanem, lebo toto je cisty pupok sveta. kazda rasa, kultura sa tu strieda - rovno pred ocami sa tu veci menia.

co doporucit slovakom? naucte sa anglicky, potom chodte do zahranicia, naucte sa ako to robia a potom sa vratte a urob te to lepsie, to to sa vzdy da. lebo slovaci a cesi su na tom velmi dobre po intelektualnej stranke.
sme omnoho mensi barbari ako polka sveta. by som povedal, ze az sofistikovany. akoda, ze slovensko nema anglictinu ako druhy jazyk. si to predstav. posledny kto opusti krajinu, radicovu, dzurindu a fica, nech zhasne. naco im je elektrina?

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   9. 1. 2012, 23:22 avatar
..r side

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   10. 1. 2012, 00:23 avatar
Mam rada perfekcionistov.

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   10. 1. 2012, 00:25 avatar
ja sa zas rad pretvarujem, ze jednym z nich som
Súhlasí Lionella

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   10. 1. 2012, 00:31 avatar
Si dobry, chcem ta. Bola so na dobrej ceste ale spadla som na rusti.u a uz osprostievam. Potrebujem sekir a trstenicu for grammar which is poor i guess wtf

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 00:29

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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   10. 1. 2012, 01:02 avatar
priamo z anglicka

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 01:10

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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   10. 1. 2012, 01:35 avatar
tie prizvuky su kasa. a si zober ze kazdy ma vlastne svoju anglictinu. svoj styl vyjadrovania. samozrejme nie ty co su basic english. ked sa stretnu dvaja anglani co spolu vyrastali v jednom panelaku a zacnu sa ropzravat svojim dialektom tak im ani panelak vzdialeny 20 kilometrov nebude rozumiet nie to este ja. co s toho vypliva? ze sa nesnaz to vidiet tak cierne. oni ked budu na teba hovorit prepnu sa do normalneho rozpravania, takze budes rozumiet. v anglicku sa akcent poziva vlastne ako skratka, ale kto ju nepozna ten jej nerozumie, takze neexistuje dovod aby sa s tebou bavili dialektom. jedine ze by zamerne chceli aby si nerozumela. najcastejsie slovo je tu 'pardon' - co je skratka pre 'excuse me but i'm not clearly understand, can you please say it again?' . najme ak sa stretnu dvaja neznami ludia tak slovo pardon pada skoro po kazdej vete. potom je este tak poulicne 'comon again' ale to pouzivaju zvacsa chlapy anglansky. taxikar, stavbar, policajt ect...
akoze pozil som to raz aj ja a fungovalo to presne ako pardon.
a chcem tym povedat, ze to ze budes casto nerozumiet, je obycajna vec, nad ktorou sa nik nepozastavuje (teda ak sa mu nechce vtipkovat) a vsetky tie protichodne pocity su len v hlavach co sa obavaju.
dojdi hocikam do anglicky hovoriaceho teritoria, riadne sa opi s domorodcamy a rano budes tak davat, ze ta tvoje zrkadlo nespona. pricinou tohoto efektu je, ze alkohol odburava zabrany a ty zrazu zistis ze nepotrebujes vediet vsetky slova, staci zamiesat spravne tie co uz vies a ono sa to podda.

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 01:42

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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   10. 1. 2012, 03:23 avatar
(aj ja ti dam esej) haha

to znamena ze pravdu mas, tak potom uz len ta prax ti chyba. ale aby si fluent rozumela a hovorila fluent english tak 5-7 rokov. potom ti uz viac bude robit problem slovencina. oni sa vyjadruju odlisne ako my, takze nie, ze slova ta nenapadnu ale vobec ta ani slovencina netrkne. rozmyslas anglicky, spis anglicky, no je tam urcita transformacia vedomia. a slovencina? moja sesternica je tu uz 13 rokov a slovensky sice nezabudla ale uz je jednoduchsia anglictina pre nu. a podla mna perfektna anglictina, neznamena vediet vsetky slova. nikto nevie vsetky slova. tie sa vynaraju ako huby po dazdi. kazdy den je v novinach nejaka nova zlepenina. ide o to, ze ked povies pardon a ty to budes schopna pochopit, ze co ti ten clovek vysvetluje. ani som si neuvedomil, uz teraz vie omnoho menej cudzincov lepsie anglicky ako ja. ale dajmetomu, ze na mna sa nalepila lahko, ale poznam ludi ktory su tu dlhsie ale anglicky dobre nevedia.

ale stale su tu anglicania, americania, svedi... ktory maju anglictinu od narodenia a snimi sa tazko rovna. ale dobre sa od nich uci. uz viem hovorit rutinu tak, ze ma nik nepardonuje za slova. je to trochu robit sasa zo seba. prvy rok ma tu nik neodzravil ked som povedal baj. az ked som zacal davat BAAAaayy, tak az vtedy ma zacali zdravit. hehe.
mne najviac pomohlo, ze som dva mesiace nestretol nikoho kto by sa tu nenarodil. bol som rok mimo londyna ale tie dva posledne dva mesiace to uplne zabili. akoze anglani radi pomozu z anglictinou. a v podstate zo vsetkym. su to zvacsa mily ludia, ked prave neprechadzaju pubertou. ale tak po 25 su uz na urovni. a samozrejme su aj 7 detne mamicky co stravili cely zivot na podpore. a tie nevedia ani kde je francuzko, ba ani nevedia ukazat prstom ze kde je sever... hahaha, nie to este slovensko... su oni pekne nevzdelany na dedinach a malomestach...

ale tu v City of LONDON je to ina kava. to je proste elita. okolo mna je uz druhy rok dokonala anglictina ludia s platmi 4500 mesacne uz musia. to je podmienka pre zamestnavatela. cista je oxford, alebo cambridge.
a tomu je krasne rozumiet a este sa to aj na mna lepi ako lezun na cecek, takze pohoda.

takze si uz aj davam pozor aby som dobre reagoval. inak sa s tebou ani nebavia.
poviem to na priklade : dosla krasna asi 32-39 rocna zena, tazko povedat plasticka operacia je pre nu jedna vyplata, takze vek sa neda moz odhadovat. ale vsetci su GYM, vsetci su HUGO BOSS, ARMANI, VERSACE, PRET-A-MANGER, STARBUCKS a Gordon Ramsay... ked vonku prsi, nikto ani nejde na obed. ked si nechce zamocit svoje dolche & gabana. no snobaren cista. a ja tam pracujem a ked chcem aj socialne zit, tak musim na urovni rozpravat. prizvukom ich neoklamem a tak ostava iba uroven konverzacie.. a ta sa mi aj vdaka tomu vcelku zlepsila. bavia sa so mnou aj kravataci, aj podpedkarky a dokonca aj obycajny ludia...
no ale spet k prikladu. dal som jej drink ON THE HOUSE (na ucet podniku) a ona sa ma spytala 'WHY THIS ALWAYS HAPPENING TO ME?' (preco sa mi to stale deje? -) co som bystro posudil, ze je to joke, lebo keby chcela nieco take vediet, nebude sa to predsa pytat cloveka ktory ju nezaujima... teda mna. ano podla logiky by sa to mala pytat mna, lebo ja som jej dal ten drink ale tu logika funguje inak a ona ani necakala odpoved. takze som to pochopil, ze mame nezaveznu easy konverzaciu a ze dama vtipnu naladu. tak preco neodpovedat?
dam to tu cele:
ja - hi , so you have regular guacamole with jalapenos and carrot sticks instead of pyta. is that right?
ona - that's me cheers
ja - would you like some chilly or lemon on the side?
ona - no thank you. i'm fine
ja - and here is your lemonade (ona sa zaqtvarila zmetene - vzdy sa tvaria, neviem ci to hraju, ale asi ano)
ona - is not mine, that...
ja - i'm sure that is yours, because is on the house
ona - smiech - why its always happening to me?
ja - who knows
ona - smiech - that was nice one, have nice day
ja - bye, take care
on - bye a z usmevom odisla...

a toto mam tak 20x denne v roznych situaciach.
takze preto som sa tak zanglictinoval.
ako vedlajsi efekt mojej prace.

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Sóley žena
   10. 1. 2012, 08:26 avatar
...okay, here's the bottom line...

...first off, I'd like to thank you for your praise and the effort to improve my English...however, I must respectfully decline.. it's not about the number of mistakes and typos that you make.... not even your broken sentence constructions that reek of Slovak... but rather the fact that you don't have any capacity for self-reflection... how can you dare teaching others English, when you yourself are far from proficient, let alone fluent ?.. even poor studious Lionella you did correct wrong... I mean, I commend you for having good intentions but it wouldn't hurt if, instead of acting superior (and yes, you're doing a great job in disguising it), you did something for yourself... for example, try to read again that Tibetan book about life and death, for it's plain to see it hasn't given you much in terms of humility...
...btw, I don't understand why on earth do you reveal the book's ending to me, when you think I've read it... but don't bother answering that one anymore... for me, this topic (and any other one you've attempted to discuss with me) is closed...
in conclusion, let me just add that your ability to speak English with Poles and Ukranians while peeling potatoes in UK does not make you competent enough to teach it on Slovak internet forums...

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feex8 muž
   10. 1. 2012, 11:53

Príspevok bol vymazaný administrátorom.

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Sóley žena
   10. 1. 2012, 14:17 avatar
..mne nejde o umysel, ale o ten nedostatok sebareflexie....tiez viem par veci celkom dobre, ale nedovolim si niekoho poucat, pretoze sama poznam svoje rezervy..a uz vobec nie, ak sa mu ponuknem a on odmietne...samozrejme, ze ak mas zaujem, tak tuto ponuku vyuzi...ja som len reagovala na to, co bolo pisane mne, prispevok patril k 6. len som to doplietla...
navyse toto bola ponuka "podme zlepsit tvoju anglictinu" s poznamkou "aspon na mna blbci, ktori ma kritizuju, nebudu mat chut reagovat"...ako..nech sa na mna nikto nehneva, ale taketo hry ja nehram...
..kazdopadne...ak mas pocit, ze ti to bude k prospechu, tak sa pokojne "uc"...len treba dodat, ze Lionellina veta: "What would you like to talk about?" bola gramaticky uplne spravne...a k comusi ako "i'm understant ...." mozem napisat len - seriously ?!
...takze sa z tejto temy porucam...skutocne nechcem sirit zlu energiu, aj ked sa mi to uz nepochybne podarilo..co uz

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   16. 1. 2012, 20:07 avatar
no s teba co vypadlo?
si sa vyfarbila....

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   16. 1. 2012, 20:05 avatar
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